[My student] went from starting fifth grade on a 3.5 reading level and ending on a 7th grade level and you deserve a lot of the credit for that. More importantly though, you've helped light a reading spark in him that will be with him for life. --Sarah Smith parent 

Lindsey takes an interest in the student's individual success. Not just in a 'grade' but ensuring that the student has the confidence and skills necessary to help themselves going forward. She is kind, talks to the student in such a way that they want to do well, and gears her approach to their needs. Our son has always struggled with literature and reading. He received his first A's on papers where Lindsey was guiding him and even received a 100 on a paper. She helped him understand the importance of what he is learning, not just that getting the grade is important. She is an excellent teacher that I would highly recommend to anyone, and in particular, students like my son who has ADHD, has focus issues and a lack of confidence. Her patience, approach and knowledge of their struggles is key to her success and therefore, my son's. --Walton parent

Thank you for being so lovely and kind. You are really a jewel in the rough. I am so very lucky to have found you for [my student]. --Brookhaven Innovation Academy parent 

You helped bring my son's SSAT middle school math score up from a 13% to a 67%!  --Atlanta Speech School parent

Whatever you are doing with [my student], I think it's helping him WANT to read to us! He was so excited to tackle that book you left for him and he did really well!! He loved it when I counted the "not 1st grade words" on each page and then challenged him to read the page, and almost 100% of the time he figured out the hard words on his own.  He was super proud of reading it all by himself and wanted to read it to [his brother]...Anyway, THANK YOU for being so awesome with him!! 

--Hawthorne Elementary parent

Thank you so much, Lindsey!  I could not be more pleased with the result [my student] had after being with you. --Holy Innocents parent 

Lindsey’s teaching skills and understanding of our children and their current needs were evidenced through careful planning of individual, small, whole group and intervention lessons...Lindsey’s ability to interpret this data and to differentiate according to students’ learning styles and academic needs was a true asset to our school.,,In addition, Lindsey’s attention to the developmental needs of our elementary students and her instinct to be reflective within her own classroom allows for both Lindsey and her students to make growth... Lindsey also had outstanding relationships with our families; she had a wonderful rapport with parents and was often seen phoning/texting, conferencing and greeting parents- sharing both the positive aspects of the day as well as areas for growth. Needless to say, Lindsey served as an asset to both students and parents...her desire to continue to grow and commitment to children and education will prove an asset to everyone she encounters.  

--Former administrator